ACEA Press Releases

2023-12-21/Rules of origin: EU and UK sign off deal providing much-needed certainty for EU electric vehicle manufacturing

2023-12-18/Euro 7 agreement: industry welcomes planning certainty but flags technical and investment challenges

2023-12-14/EU electric vehicle industry risks losing ground without a robust EU industrial strategy, new report finds

2023-12-06/Rules of origin: EU auto makers welcome proposal to extend current electric vehicle battery rules by 3 years

2023-11-29/Auto industry CEOs set out roadmap for future-proof EU mobility ecosystem

2023-11-21/CO2 targets for trucks and buses: much more needed than targets on paper, caution manufacturers

2023-11-09/Euro 7 Parliament vote: auto industry calls on policy makers to let realism prevail

2023-10-24/CO2 targets unachievable without enabling conditions, warn European truck and bus manufacturers

2023-10-19/Nissan to join European auto manufacturing body ACEA from 1 January 2024

2023-10-17/Council approach on CO2 from trucks and buses: align targets with enabling conditions

2023-10-12/Auto industry: European Parliament Euro 7 vote improves Commission proposal, but still falls short

2023-09-25/ Euro 7 Council position: Step in right direction, but cost pressure remains high, industry cautions

2023-09-25/ EU-UK battery rules: Act now and do the right thing, EU auto chief urges Commission

2023-07-13/End-of-life vehicles: EU must balance conflicting waste, product, and chemical objectives

2023-06-20/Inaction on EU-UK electric vehicle trade could cost €4.3bn and hit production, EU auto makers warn

2023-05-23/Euro 7: Direct costs 4 to 10 times higher than European Commission estimates, new study reveals

2023-03-28/AFIR: ‘Infrastructure gap’ will limit CO2 reductions from road transport

2023-03-21/Auto industry calls on EU leaders to act on eroding industry competitiveness

2023-03-15/Fuel types of new buses: electric 12.7%, diesel 67.3% market share full-year 2022

2023-03-09/CO2 from cars and vans: EU auto makers press for resolution to current impasse

2023-03-08/Fuel types of new trucks: electric 0.6%, diesel 96.6% market share full-year 2022

2023-03-01/Fuel types of new vans: electric 5.3%, diesel 86.0% market share full-year 2022

2023-02-14/Truck and bus CO2 standards: ambition levels for all stakeholders must be aligned

2023-02-01/Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 12.1%, hybrid 22.6% and petrol 36.4% market share full-year 2022

2023-01-31/EU auto industry chief calls for ambitious automotive industrial policy

2023-01-10/Volvo Group CEO, Martin Lundstedt, re-elected to lead ACEA Commercial Vehicle Board

2022-12-09/Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, to serve as ACEA President next year

2022-11-17/Passenger car registrations: -8.1% ten months into 2022; +12.2% in October

2022-11-10/New ‘Euro’ pollutant emission proposal risks slowing down transition to zero-emission transport

2022-11-03/Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 11.9%, hybrid 22.6% and petrol 37.8% market share in Q3 2022

2022-10-27/Car CO2 targets: No time to waste for putting conditions for zero-emissions in place, says industry

2022-10-19/E-mobility: European Parliament infrastructure vote is step in right direction, auto makers say

2022-10-13/Electric cars: 6 EU countries have less than 1 charger per 100km of road; 1 charger in 7 is fast

2022-10-07/EU car sales expected to drop again this year; auto makers call for urgent policy action

2022-07-20/Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 9.9%, hybrid 22.6% and petrol 38.5% market share in Q2 2022

2022-06-29/Car and van CO2 targets: Charging infrastructure essential to meet member state ambition

2022-06-22/EU ETS: Auto manufacturers welcome inclusion of road transport

2022-06-22/Electric cars: Half of all chargers in EU concentrated in just two countries

2022-06-09/European Parliament vote on CO2 for cars and vans: automobile manufacturers react

2022-06-07/Infrastructure regulation: More ambition and less flexibilities needed, auto makers say

2022-06-01/New ACEA Director General as of September 2022

2022-05-24/Electric trucks: new data maps out priority locations for charging points

2022-05-12/ACEA calls on MEPS to vote for EU ETS for road transport

2022-05-05/Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 10.0%, hybrid 25.1% and petrol 36.0% market share in Q1 2022

2022-04-27/Commercial vehicle registrations: -18.1% first quarter of 2022; -24.9% in March

2022-03-28/E-mobility: 14,000 public charging points should be installed weekly across EU, new analysis shows

2022-03-18 /Zero-emission mobility: cross-industry coalition calls for robust policy framework

2022-03-15 /Fuel types of new buses: electric 10.6%, alternative fuels 10.5%, hybrid 10.1%, diesel 68.8% share in 2021

2022-03-08 /Fuel types of new trucks: diesel 95.8%, electric 0.5%, alternative fuels 3.6% share full-year 2021

2022-03-01 /Fuel types of new vans: electric 3.0%, hybrid 1.6%, diesel 90.2% market share full-year 2021

2022-02-08 /Car sales: return to growth expected in 2022, but concerns on charging infrastructure persist

2022-02-02 /Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 9.1%, hybrid 19.6% and petrol 40.0% market share full-year 2021

2021-12-23 /Commercial vehicle registrations: +11.5% 11 months into 2021; -14.7% in November

2021-12-17 /Passenger car registrations: -0.04% 11 months into 2021; -20.5% in November

2021-12-10 /Zipse re-elected ACEA President for 2022, CO2 targets and EU-wide infrastructure roll-out high on agenda

2021-11-25 /Commercial vehicle registrations: +14.7% ten months into 2021; -16.4% in October

2021-11-18 /Passenger car registrations: +2.2% ten months into 2021; -30.3% in October

2021-11-03 /E-mobility: only 1 in 9 charging points in EU is fast

2021-10-28 /Commercial vehicle registrations: +19.1% nine months into 2021; -12.3% in September

2021-10-22 /Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 9.8%, hybrid 20.7% and petrol 39.5% market share in Q3 2021

2021-10-15 /Passenger car registrations: +6.6% nine months into 2021; -23.1% in September

2021-09-24 /Commercial vehicle registrations: +24.0% eight months into 2021; -11.9% in July and -5.4% in August

2021-09-16 /Passenger car registrations: +11.2% eight months into 2021; ‐23.2% in July and ‐19.1% in August

2021-09-09 /Electric cars: 10 EU countries do not have a single charging point per 100km of road
2021-07-28 / Commercial vehicle registrations: +36.9% first half of 2021; +12.4% in June

2021-07-23 / Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 7.5%, hybrid 19.3%, petrol 41.8% market share in Q2 2021

2021-07-16 / Passenger car registrations: +25.2% first half of 2021; +10.4% in June

2021-07-14 / Fit for 55: EU auto industry’s initial reaction to Europe’s climate plans

2021-07-06 / Electric cars: lower-income countries fall behind, with uptake linked to GDP per capita

2021-06-29 / Risk of two-track Europe for e-mobility with sharp divisions in roll-out of chargers, auto industry warns

2021-06-24 / Commercial vehicle registrations: +43.9% five months into 2021; +51.3% in May

2021-06-22 /Car CO2 review: Europe should not be driven by culture of restrictions

2021-06-11 /EU steel import decision disregards interests of auto sector

2021-06-09 /Electric trucks: new study pinpoints precise locations for charging infrastructure across EU

2021-06-03 /New vision and look for auto industry association, ACEA

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